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Season 2:  The North Pole show (trailer)

In the aftermath of the police confrontation that rocked North Oakland in the dramatic Season 1 finale, Benny is locked up and facing deportation. When Nina convinces him that the best defense is a good offense, Benny decides to runs for office against the shady local Sheriff who is trying to deport him. Meanwhile, wildfires rage around Northern California, and Nina, Marcus, and Finn face their own struggles with major health crises, racist family members, and ridiculously escalating Twitter wars. As Benny’s historic, brilliantly hilarious campaign gains mass attention and spirals out of control, the four friends must somehow unite the neighborhood to defend Benny – and the place they all call home.

Executive Produced by Rosario Dawson and Movement Generation, Executive Produced by Josh Healey,  Produced by Darren Colston, Directed by Yvan Iturriaga  

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